Patients tell me "I'm fatigued," but… What Is Fatigue?

Asking what fatigue is probably sounds like a silly question to you. I know you know what fatigue feels like, but do you know that, at its core, fatigue is an energy problem? You feel fatigued when your body does not produce and/or store enough energy. So the solution to helping someone who suffers from fatigue is helping the body create and store energy.
The trick comes in figuring out what is causing the “energy” problem. There are lots of possibilities and every person is unique, even in the amount of energy the body requires. Unfortunately, the “remedies” that most people use actually exacerbate the problem over the long term:
• Strenuous exercise that requires more energy than it helps the body produce;
• Caffeine and other stimulants like Red Bull, Ritalin, or Wellbrutrin that stimulate the body even though the body is already exhausted;
• Eating sugar for the temporary surge in energy, and then eating more sugar to overcome the subsequent “crash.”
Here are the strategies that I recommend:
Make sure your body is properly hydrated. The amount of water you need varies from person to person, but the signs that you are not drinking enough water can include chronic pains in your joints and muscles, lower back pain, headaches, constipation, fatigue, and a strong odor to your urine.
Eat quality foods that produce energy. What you eat matters. Dead foods with empty calories can actually deplete energy by taking more energy to digest than they can generate. Highly processed foods are dead foods. Refined sugar is another dead food that plays a more significant role in managing energy than almost anything else. Glucose is fuel for the body. But, if the concentration gets too high it’s like putting too much fuel in an engine; this is typically called “running too rich.” Moreover, excessive amounts of refined sugar contribute to demineralization which interferes with hormone production, enzymatic activity, and energy production.
Get enough high quality sleep. This requires that the room be dark, that the temperature be comfortable, that your body be well fed, and that your body has enough energy stored from exercise to keep it going through the night.
Manage stress. Stress depletes energy. Exercise, sleep, having fun, and taking time for yourself can help you handle stress.
If you are doing all of these things, and still feel fatigued then we need to look deeper. Are you digesting the food that you eat? Is there an organ in your body that is short circuiting the flow of energy? Is your body full of toxins that are interfering with the energy production cycle? I have had tremendous success in helping people overcome fatigue. If you suffer from fatigue, I would love to work with you to help you get your health back.